Sunday, August 24, 2008

Flashback Sunday?

OK, OK, so I know it's not Friday, not even Saturday but I'm still posting this. Maybe some time I'll get it on the right day but today is not that day.

Do you see this little cutie right here? Amy has started teaching kindergarten half day (actually just assessments this week) so Ruby and I get to hang out. Can I just tell you it was soooooo fun. What a happy little girl. We went to the store and I was holding her when I realized that she was smiling at someone. I looked to see who it was and there was a woman across the way but she wasn't looking at Ruby, just shopping. When I looked at her too she seemed to sense our gaze and looked at Ruby and smiled. Ruby just smiled bigger as if she had just been successful at pulling off a really great joke or brightened someone's day. She made both of our days. Ruby loves to be outside. We lay on a blanket in the shade of the Maple in the front yard and looked up at the tree. Ruby seemed to sense that the wind made the leaves sway purely for her enjoyment and enjoy it she did, with many voiced and full body expressions of delight.

Honestly I don't know how mom's with young children get anything done - yet I used to do it. I'd much rather play with Ruby than do laundry - unfortunately I'm paying for it. It's probably a good thing I will only get to play with her two to three days a week instead of all five and and thank goodness for naps. I will get organized. I did it before and I can do it again (function with a baby around). But I think this time around I will spend a little more time appreciating the simple things like Ruby does. I have a lot to learn from this little one. Thanks Amy and Jordan for the opportunity.


Amy said...

No problem Mom...anytime. Thanks for being willing to watch her so often!

Christie said...

Yep...isn't this an interesting time of life. We are watching Tyler (3) and Kai (18 mo) while Austin & his wife are on a cruise with the inlaws. We are making a MESS!... and it reinforces my thoughts about simplifying and not trying to do too much at once...something I'm not very good at. Maybe we'll drop by next week and gaze and the trees with you and Ruby (just love that name!)

Anonymous said...

Could anyone ever want a better babysitter? I want to send my kids to lay under your maple tree! Seriously!
Ruby is a delight and of course nothing gets done! She is too cute! I hope she settles into a routine and you can get stuff done during naptime. That, friends, is a sacred word at my house.