Monday, March 30, 2009

The Church is True!

Hey Family,

It was awesome to hear from all of you! This week has really been amazing!

Just to give you guys an idea of the history of Salgado Filho. Last transfer they had 18 baptisms and at the Ward Conference they had 283 people!!!

Can you imagine???!!!

That's almost as many baptisms that I have had in my whole mission!

I was transferred last Tuesday, so, I've been here for almost a week. Santa Maria is Amazing! Here in the South of Brasil there is a lot of pride and problems in the church. It made me really sad to see for the first bit of time that I was here but here, they had a baptism yesterday and there were 100 people there!!! There was a primary presentation singing the baptism song (about the rain cleaning the earth). It was really awesome. Elder Borlot was sent to Livramento.To answer a few other questions I'm the second companion of Elder Evaristo who has been on the mission for one transfer. We are across the street from the mission office and it's about 10 or 20 minutes from our house depending if you take the bus or a taxi. To tell you a little bit about the bishop, he is the man! He visits all of the members and all of the members are super happy and talking to everyone about the gospel. The bishop has done a film about the relationship between the missionaries and the ward leaders and he is famous in all of the mission.

Elder Silva already passed through this area and so did Elder Eduardo. Elder Eduardo was transferred close by here in Santa Maria. Santa Maria is called the "School of the Prophets" because missionary work goes how it should here; because of the president and it's the capital of the mission. So, a ton of missionaries that are sent here become leaders really fast.

Well, in my district we've got 8 missionaries. Elder Evaristo and I live in the same house as the ZLs and we all work together; Some days I work with the ZLs and some times with Evaristo. The other missionaries are the secretaries and their companions. They are really cool but, they don't really have a lot of time to work out of the office so, their numbers are pretty low. I hope that I can help to motivate them and help them learn how to work in the office and still do work in the field.

This week we have decided that all we want to do is find 2 families between us and the ZLs. We are receiving a few references from the members but we are praying and working to just find these families we can work with.

Help us pray for these families and we can be able to split this ward!!!

Thanks for all of you love and support! I wouldn't be here without you all!

Thanks for everything you guys! It really means a lot. If you have a special thing you want to send me in the package, mom is getting them going now. Let here know. Love you all.

Pray for us to find our families!

Elder Rob

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