Monday, March 23, 2009

Wahooo! (March 23, 2009)

Gustavo and Jose
Dear Family,

This has been one of the Best weeks in the mission for me! In our district meeting last week we prepared a lesson just for Marcio and Geleane.

They were having doubts about tithing and having a lot of pressure and stress from the family. We prepared a lesson about sacrifices and rewards in our lives and fighting with the Lord or alone. Then we read 3 Nephi 13 with them and just about melted the spirit was so strong. In that moment we read Mosiah 18:8+ and asked them what was holding them back from being baptised.

Marcio said that if he explained everything in that moment he would go on speaking for the whole day. Then we discovered that he was feeling a lot of pressure from the family and associates at work.

With the help of the spirit we were able to explain everything that they needed to hear. Then we challenged them to pray to be comforted in the discision to be baptized Sunday!

The next day we returned and they weren't at home. So, we called them. I asked Geleane how the prayer went and she said that they decided to be baptized!!!

It was nine o' clock at night and no one was in the road and I started to screem for joy on the phone, "Wahooo!" She started to laugh and said she thaught I would react something like that :)

After that we went to their house every day and they were baptized yesterday! Wahoo!
Elder Borlot, Geleane, Marcio, Elder Rob

We have also known since Thursday that Elder Borlot will stay on the mission and he started working with me again. In the same conversation with President we also knew that he would send Sisters in our place here and that we would be transfered.

We learned today that I'm going to the Capital!! Santa Maria as District Leader!!! Or as Elder Eduardo(my way good friend and ZL) "School of the Prophets."

I'm way excited but a little nervous. Please pray for me.

Love you all!!! Thanks for everything!!!

Love, Elder Rob

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