Monday, March 9, 2009

This Week

Dear Family,

This week has been a roller coaster! We have had a lot of ups and downs this week but, I'm cruising along just fine.

Gustavo and Jose got married and baptized on Saturday just like we planned. It was a great baptism with about 50 people and great talks. Marcio and Geleane were there too and enjoyed the baptism. But, they are wanting to wait a bit longer for their baptism.

We have only taught them for two weeks and so that is completely normal; But, now we will have to take care of them from doubts and distractions that Satan will put in their paths. Pray for them!

Once again we are having a rough time finding new investigators that are married and will go to church; pray for us!

Also, Elder Borlot has told me that even with all of the spiritual experiences that we are having he has decided he will only stay on the mission until the end of this transfer. So, I'm feeling a lot of responsibility. Pray for him to have a change of heart!

That is about it for this week. We built a counter and sink in our apartment and worked a lot with Gustavo, Jose and, Marcio and Geleane. They are really prepared to be baptized.

Please pray for these people: Gustavo, Jose, Marcio, Geleane, Michel, Adriana, Adriel and, Angela.

Thank you all for your Love, Support and, Emails! They mean a lot to me!

Until Next week!

Love, Elder Z

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