Thursday, March 5, 2009

Flash Back Friday: Hopscotch

The girls in our neighborhood decided to set the record for the longest hopscotch ever (which currently stands at just over 10,001 squares). They got over 2500 and last night it rained...

I hope they try again... I love hopscotch.

It was my game of choice in elementary school.

Critical to a good hopscotch game is a good marker.
While many would search for small stones just the right shape, size and weight I was blessed by my good mother to always have the perfect thing.

Bobby pins.

In the morning my mom would part my unruly, fine hair on the side and put in two bobby pins to keep it out of my eyes. She always crossed them to keep them in place...
until recess anyway.

Two bobby pins hooked together had the perfect weight
...and it would stay right where you threw it,
or if you did it just right
it would slide in the square causing a competitors marker to roll
on the line or out of the square.
Life was good

I remember many days coming home from school and my mom would comment that I looked like a rag-a-muffin. I guess I didn't put them back in the way she did...
and then... well, if they are not crossed right they fall out and get lost or become a pain. I think many times they came home in my pocket rather than in my hair... if they came home at all.

Function over form right?!

I'm sure if my mother had known she gave me the key to being the hopscotch queen she wouldn't have minded spending a small fortune on bobby pins.

(No wonder she didn't use barrettes)


Anonymous said...

Do you remember her playing out front with us?

I drew many hopscotch's out there!

Next week, you should do "roller skating". I was pretty tricky with that, almost like an ice skater! Grace for sure.

Christie said...

what a delightful memory! I love it!

Sh@h G0ldeN TiGeR said...

this gme so wonderful'but every time me play ,,i'will lost.....haha'