Friday, March 20, 2009

Flashback Friday: Births Day

Thursday, March 16 1995: I walked into my OB's office trying not to waddle but walking was painful. I was 37 weeks. Dr. Naumaan entered the exam room and I began my prepared plea, "Monday would be a great day to have this baby" I offered, "It's my dad's birthday". He smiled and shook his head a little, "You know I won't even consider induction before 38 wks." Yes, I did know that - but I was miserable so I persisted. "I only have two shirts I can fit around me anymore" I complained as he helped me lay down on the table. He pulled out his trusty measuring tape and measured my enormous midsection. He looked at the tape and then did it again making sure the end points were in the proper places. After thinking for a moment he said, "So, you said Monday will work for you?" This was odd, I mean I was really half joking when I suggested it.... "Yea.... what did I measure?" He had turned to my chart and began writing, " 42 cm" he half mumbled. Wow. I wondered if he remembered Christians birth... Christian (weighing 9lbs. 3 1/2 oz) was stuck until one really huge push broke his collar bone and he was born... I sure remembered it.

So Monday it was... March 20, my dad's birthday ....and my sister Lisa's due date... I kind of felt bad, I hoped her baby would come before then, it would be depressing for me to have my baby 2 1/2 weeks early... on her due date and her to still be pregnant. I just couldn't bring myself to tell her - but really hoped she would go into labor very soon.

Monday morning arrived. Three kids off to school, Christian at a friends house and Mark went to finish up a few things at school and would be joining me soon (We knew very well that these things take time). Leaving the house that morning I had that familiar feeling... knowing that the events of this day would change our lives forever. Also knowing that after such a difficult pregnancy, this would be my last - I just couldn't do this again - I felt like so much was riding on this day and I wanted this sweet little girl sooooo much to come and be part of our family. The doorbell rang, another friend had arrived to take me to the hospital.

The plan was to break my water and have me walk to get labor going on my own. The thought of walking at all was not attractive but after they broke my water (and the nurse changed her shoes) walking was not that bad. Mark arrived. I felt bad for him... he was sick... a few days later he finally went to the doctor and was diagnosed with brohchitis. We were quite the pair. Although I had never had an epidural before I decided that this time I would get one... I was exhausted and so was Mark.

Sometime after noon the phone in the labor room rang. It was Robbie!? Apparently he was at the school library with his class and convinced the librarian to look up the number and allow him to call me... the hospital put him through... "No Jennifer had not been born yet, it would most likely be a few more hours, yes, we would call and arrangements had been made to bring them to the hospital as soon as possible..." Mark and I still laugh when we think of that... he was 8.

As it turned out my epidural only seemed to work well on my left side. I would roll on my right side to get it to work better only to have Jennifer's heart rate drop and need to roll on the left side... stabalizing her heart rate and draining the epidural from my right side. I was grateful I knew the breathing techniques and also grateful that the pain was reduced by half. A nurse came in when I was in transition and asked Mark what I was doing curled up breathing rythmically, after all I did have an epidural. He suggested that maybe the epidural was not working well and she should check me and call the doctor. She looked at my chart and tried to brush him off but he insisted (he's awesome, even when he's sick). I was almost complete. Things were a blur from there. A rush of movement all around me, the doctor came and she was born with only a few pushes.

Jennifer Amali Zimbelman
9lbs 21 inches

Lisa gave birth the same day. Kathrine Ila Brown - Jenn's "twin cousin" was born about two hours later, in Utah... we were in Arizona.
this picture is from the following July, Katie and Jennifer

Happy Brithday Dad, Jenn and Katie!

We have been blessed immensily by all three but
Jennifer continues to be a daily blessing and joy in our lives.

Want a good book reccommendation? Ask Jennifer.
Need someone to play with your kids for a few hours? Ask Jennifer.
Want to hear some beautiful Sonatas on the piano? Ask Jennifer.
Want to go shopping? Ask Jennifer.
Want to go rollerblading? Ask Jennifer.
Need help cooking? Ask Jennifer.

I could go on but this post is already very long.

This is a great day to celebrate!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jenn!

It is a great day and after I knew you were in the hospital, there was no way I was not having Katie that day! We walked and walked! She must have wanted to be a twin!

I forgot about that picture! What a budda compared to Jennifer!

The Fifes said...

I always love hearing people's birth stories-- thanks for sharing! I think i'll learn a little more about unmedicated childbirth in case my epidural doesn't work!! :)

Karen said...

You have to realize that this was 14 years ago and epidurals are much better today... so don't panic. Natural childbirth was also "the thing" back then. Not sure what I would if given the option today but glad I don't have to worry about it!

celisamz said...

Yay for Jennifer and Grandpa and Katie!