Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mortar what?

Is it March already?
Must be... I just took my second Stats exam out of four.
Wow half way there.

Another sign spring is on its way?
I just ordered my cap and gown.

Aaron, Jordan and I will be all decked out come April 24th.
We even get to sit together and our names will be announced in rapid succession
and then our families will have three times the challenge
of not cheering wildly until all the names of the graduates are read...
of course we are near the end so they won't have to wait too long.

While it's been quite a while since I've worn
a mortar board on my head
(like more than a quarter of a century)
(wow I really am old)

I must admit that I have a few questions.
Who came up with that name anyway?
How come masters students have to pay more for their apparel?
How come masters students are asked for their head size and
Bachelors students get one-size-fits-all?
Does finishing a masters program make your head larger so they need more specifics?
(I am referring to brain size not ego)

These are questions I would research and find the answers for
...if I wasn't busy figuring out confidence intervals,
probabilities and p values.

1 comment:

celisamz said...

Ha ha, your questions about masters students and head size made me laugh. :) Yay for being half-way done with your last semester!